A Justice of the Peace
Tips and Favorite Vendors

Special Locations:

The Atkinson Resort & Country Club
Country Club Drive, Atkinson, New Hampshire

The Stevens Estate, Special Event & Conference Center
Osgood Street, North Andover, Massachusetts

Zorvino Vineyards
Main Street, Sandown, New Hampshire


A Day To Remember Catering Company
88 Lowell Street, Methuen, Massachusetts
617-281-7396 -978-689-8436

Invited Design Studio
472 Route 111 Hampstead, New Hampshire

Tiffany Cook Photography
Engagement and Elopement photos

Things You'll Need:

A Marriage license!

How to apply for the marriage license:

If you are getting married in New Hampshire you must go to any NH Town Clerk's
Both bride and groom  must be present to apply.

If  you are getting married in Massachusetts you must go to any MA Town Clerk's Office.
Both bride and groom  must be present to apply.

There is an application fee (call ahead to find out the amount as it  differs from town to
town) which you will need to pay at the Town Clerk's office. (cash only)

  • Present proof of age and identity.  A driver's license, state-issued birth certificate
    or passport are acceptable forms of identification for this purpose.

  • If either applicant has been married previously, bring the certified document that
    ended his or her last marriage, such as a divorce decree, annulment paper or death

  • Fill out the application.  Be prepared to provide your Social Security numbers, also
    the state of birth for both applicants and information about your parents, their full
    names and the state of  their  birth.

  • No waiting period in New Hampshire. A New Hampshire marriage license is valid
    for 90 days from issuance and is good for ceremonies performed anywhere in    
    New Hampshire
  • Massachusetts has a mandatory three day waiting period for after the license is
    granted but before you can legally marry. This waiting period can be waived only
    by a judge. Therefore, unless there are extenuating circumstances that would
    qualify you and your fiancé for a waiver, you need to apply for the license at least
    three days before the wedding. In addition to the waiting period, the license
    expires 60 days after it is issued, including the three day waiting period. You must
    marry within that time frame or else reapply for a new license after your current
    license expires.

Once you are given the license, contact
me or another person commissioned to perform
marriages in the State of New Hampshire.

To change (or correct) your name on your Social Security card:

  • Complete an Application For A Social Security Card  (Form SS-5).
  • You'll need to show proof of your name change with a Certified copy of
    your completed Marriage License, Legal name change;  Identity; and  U.S.
    Citizenship (if you have not previously established your citizenship) or
    immigration status.
  • Take (or mail) your completed application and documents to your local
    Social Security Administration office.  
  • All documents must be either originals or copies certified by the issuing
    agency.  They cannot accept photocopies or notarized copies of

Your new card will have the same number as your previous card, but will show
your new name.  Your number and card will be mailed as soon as the office
has all of your information and have verified your documents.
I am a member of and abide by the        
Code of  Ethics
of each of these organizations.

Member of NHJPA organization
Member of the JPUS
Attended MJPA Educational Seminar
for Justice of the Peace.

8 Bittersweet Lane
Atkinson, NH 03811