A New Hampshire Justice of the Peace,
able to perform wedding ceremonies in
 with a one day
"Designation Certificate"
from the Secretary of State's office.

I have had the privilege of being Commissioned as a  
New Hampshire Justice of the Peace since
January 7, 2001. Over the years I have officiated at
many weddings throughout the State of
New Hampshire and  the North Shore of
Massachusetts, performing my first Massachusetts
wedding in May of 2010.

It is your wedding day and the possibilities are

Why not let me guide you!

Your wedding day should be memorable and beautiful!
Years from now you and your guests will look back
and remember what was said at your wedding and how
the ceremony was conducted. My goal is to help you
to have a wedding ceremony that reflects your
personality and your style.

Whether you want a formal, traditional ceremony or
something more casual, or even if you are eloping,
together we can create the wedding  of your dreams.
You may want to choose from standard vows and
readings or be creative and write your own.

It is all up to you. It is your choice.

I would be honored to officiate at your
wedding ceremony.
A Justice of the Peace

Photo from my wedding day!

August 9, 1969
Mr. & Mrs. Michael and Patricia Cook

I truly believe in marriage!

8 Bittersweet Lane
Atkinson, NH 03811
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I am a member of and abide by the
Code of Ethics of each of these organizations:

Member of NHJPA organization
Member of the JPUS
Attended MJPA Educational Seminar for
Justice of the Peace.
Patricia A. Cook
Patricia A. Cook
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